Time Traveller From 2030 Shares More Details. Says Big War Will Happen Between These Two Countries

So this self-claimed Time Traveller from 2030 named Noha is on the revealing spree.

Earlier he had revealed that Donald Trump will be re-elected as the American President, Global Warming will increase, Artificial Intelligence will grow and Humans will be on Mars by 2028.

He also revealed that in 2030, the American President is a person called Ilana Remikee.

Now he has made some more revelations. Noah revealed that a huge war will happen between North Korea and South Korea in 2030. North Korea will be defeated and Korea will be unified.

He said-

“North Korea is defeated after a while and then it becomes Korea.”

He adds-

“Basically people still call it North Korea and South Korea, just like the United States people say the north and the south.”

He also revealed that the United States and Japan supported South Korea in the War and there’s a huge surprise for China in future.


He also shared a story from 2030 war situation and told that he was arrested by the North Koreans. He has been quoted as saying by Express.co.uk-

“North Korea is basically becoming a huge, huge threat to us.

“I have a story about me being in North Korea in 2030 – I was there studying with a bunch of other people, we were basically just getting notes.”

He adds-

“But the thing is there were two sides fighting, it was basically a bunch of countries, I’m only going to say three of them because I don’t want to cause any paradox. The United States, Japan and South Korea, basically they were fighting and I was in the middle of a war-torn part of it.”


Further narrating the story, he tells-

“There was constant gunfire, constantly rebels running across killing each other, so it was really hard for me not to get into the middle of that.”

“I was trying to take notes, and basically while the fight was happening North Korea got a little victory and they got the land I was staying in, so arrested me hours after that happened and I was sent to a camp.”

“The reason why I didn’t talk about this story for a long time was that I was only there for two days until someone got the land back and we were able to be set free.”

“We were basically being tortured, not painfully but we were like sore for a little and we were able to get out.”

It’s hard to believe what he says but the man has passed the lie detector test.

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‘Time traveller’ claims he’s from the year 5,000 and he has photographic evidence

The traveller, who is only known as ‘Edward’ and has his identity heavily concealed, says that he was part of a top-secret experiment in 2004.

He says that he was able to travel through time and brought back a photograph of his experience to prove what had happened to him.

It was apparently taken of Los Angeles 3,000 years into the future, and appears to show the bustling American city deep underwater.

When he met Apex TV at an undisclosed location he told them that humans are forced to live on giant wooden platforms because the ice caps melted.

He said: ‘It was unbelievable.

‘I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, houses, building of course all made from wood.

‘And after, I realised it was the same city, Los Angeles, but underwater.’

He said he spoke with people  who told him the flood happened due to global warming.

Last week, another man claiming to be a time traveller, known only as Noah, says he risked his life to tell people what will happen in the year 2030.

He claims that Yolanda Renee King, the only daughter of Martin Luther King Jr, will be President of the United States of America, despite the fact she will only be 21-years-old by this point.

Currently, Presidents must be at least 35 to enter office, but Noah insists they will change the law.

He also says that Donald Trump will win another term as President, but he refuses to say who will succeed him.

When pushed for an answer he said: ‘I can’t tell you the name of the next president, because first of all, he does something really bad.

‘And he’s already a political figure right now, so I can’t say who he is.’


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