NASA Says Planet X Doesn’t Exist. Physicist Challenges Them To Prove It. End Of World?

Planet X aka Nibiru has become a hot topic of discussions and debates. On one side there are many physicists and cosmo observers who believe that there’s that Planet X posing threat to the life on Earth, American space agency NASA totally rejects the belief.


But the debate has got really hot recently as a renowned physicist Dr Claudia Albers claiming her believe in the threat. Not just she has claimed that Nibiru poses a huge threat to Earth, she has challenged NASA to prove her wrong.

Dr Claudia Albers who is a South Africa based physicist has written a number of books on the subject including Planet X The Awakening Now.

In a video for the Planet X News’ Youtube Channel, she challenged NASA to prove their claims that Planet X doesn’t exist.

She also claims to have witnessed dying stars which are part of the Planet X system. As per Dr Claudia, these stars “emit infrared light” that is visible in close up images of the Sun taken by specialist NASA telescopic cameras on space probes.

Throwing more details about the rays, she said they are “much denser” than normal planets otherwise they would have been vapourised by the Sun.


Proving NASA’s claims wrong and herself right, she said-

“It seems that the object is here and it is not alone because there is evidence that there are many of these objects in the inner solar system and they have been coming in towards the Sun for many years.”

Her claims suggest that these interstellar bodies make magnetic connections with the Sun and create coronal holes. This, in future can weaken the sun and create solar storms which will badly affect Earth causing volcanoes and increased seismic activity.

Watch the video below-

Click Here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

We’d reiterate here that none of her claims has been backed by any of the mainstream scientists. She might be right or wrong and only time will tell that.

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